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SAA are currently without a venue to race at as their own circuit and therefore for the 2015 season will be racing as a collective at the Tongham Motor Clubs racing circuit. First race meeting for 2015 is on 22nd March.

To find out all the seasons other dates please refer to the Meetings link.

As and when we have any news as to the future of SAA with their own venue, we will keep you all informed.

We hope very much that the time between now and then will be as small as possible but there are many hurdles we have to cover prior to this happening.

First and foremost though, we must finalise everything to do with the Hazelton Farm site.

Thank you very much for your understanding and being part of a great sport!


Club Nights 2015
15th July    -    Jumping July
12th Aug    -    Awesome August
16th Sept   -    Super September
28th Oct    -     Halloween
3rd Nov      -     AGM to be held at the Crofton Club
21st Nov    -     Dinner Dance Presentation Evening -
                       to be held at Waterlooville Golf Club, Cherry Tree Ave, Cowplain.

Deposits taken now £5.00 per ticket.bookable at club nights

(Deposit non refundable).

Full ticket price £28.00

Presentation & Disco only £14.00

19th Dec   -      Christmas Club Night with Christmas Raffle and "" Party Games""
All club nights are held at Westbourne Club, River Street, Westbourne from about 7.30pm
Everyone is welcome past and present SAA members



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Welcome to SAA Raceway.

Racing season is normally between March and September/October weather pending.

For the 2015 season, Gate opening and closing times, please refer to the Tongham website.

Race order and start times please refer to the Tongham website.

For any further information please refer to the Tongham website.