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The S.A.A. (Southern Autosport Association) was formed in 1971 by a group of motorsport enthusiasts who wanted to promote a cheap form of off the road motor racing. Whilst doing so they also wanted to be in a position to donate to local charities. To a great extent the club has managed to do this over the years and has given many thousands of pounds to various causes. Some of which include:

Q.A Hospital : DIAL : St Mary's Hospital special baby care unit : Elizabeth Foundation : Anne Diamond Cot Death Appeal: Guide dogs for the blind: Kerry Hand Road Appeal.

None of the drivers race for money, (except on meetings that may be sponsored) but for trophies and prizes donated by individuals and companies interested in motorsport.Without the continued support of neumerous people and companies, we would be unable to carry on and our thanks go out to you all, including our fully trained Paramedics who are supporting us again this season.

Racing is far from the be all and end all of the club, which is a year long breeze of events, of which drivers, members and thier family's take an active part in. What with the fortnightly cub nights, Annual Dinner & Dance, Coach trips to Harrods & SAA Golfing events, just to mention a few, we carry out as many events as we can to make the club a closer binding group, and help maintain a full family interactive enviroment.

Safety is of course an essential part of any motorsport, and SAA is no exception. Compulsory items such as full harness seat belts, crash helmets, fire extinguishers and full roll cages on Hot Rods are fully enforced. All non essential items of glass, trim, original fuel tanks are removed including the smaller things such as wheel balancing weights. We now have also added Three layer Armco to the outside and inside of the track to reduce the risk of rolled cars, and reinforced the marshalls posts, all this to help ensure we race as safely as possible. We have this year (2009) cut steps into the pit area banks to allow for better access to the banks for viewing as well as aquiring a huge roller for keeping the circuit in as good a condition as we can throughout the racing season.

We race (weather pending) between April and October roughly every two weeks, although we have occassions during the year when we race at other clubs tracks within the SEGTO organisation to compete in the SEGTO championship.

The groups of cars that race at present are:

Novice Juniors: These are any car up to 1000cc push rod engine only, no fuel injection.(age limit applies)

Juniors: again any car up to 1000cc push rod engine only, no fuel injection. (age limit applies)

Production A cars: Up to 1000cc FWD and 1100cc RWD, All british no OHC

Production B cars:Up to 1300cc OHC FWD.Upto 1300cc Front engine RWD.

Modified Saloons (C's): Up to 1600cc FWD or RWD, OHC or OHV.Vauxhall 1600 and any OHC standard engines only. No 1600 Nova's or Corsa's

1450 Hot Rods: Front engine FWD, rear engine RWD.Modified saloons/pick ups up to 1450cc.

Super Saloons: Any modified saloon of any drive configuration up to a maximum of 3528cc.

Specials: Open wheeled specials.OHV or OHC. Engine 8 valve only. upto 2011cc+60 thou overbore with some tuning restrictions.

Rookie Bangers : 2 wheel drive Saloon, Hatchback or estate upto max 1600cc (with some exceptions) Gearbox and diff must remain standard. A form of contact sport where cars spin each other out of the way prior to overtaking, first to the flag wins. (Not full contact).

Bangers: Engine and type of car is specific to the particular days meeting: Full on contact. Normally includes a demolition derby at the end of the day.

We like to make any visiting drivers feel extremely welcome as other clubs do to us when we visit them. As well as the spectators or any new face. As a visiting driver for the first time it's always worth while letting someone know in the pits who you are, and you'll be shown the ropes about scrutineering,signing on etc, as it can get a little daunting visitng other tracks, and not knowing where to go or what to do.

We are very proud of our club and with it's uniqueness of a chalk track, makes it that "something different" from other tracks. As a newcomer to the club, be it a driver or spectator, we think you will leave feeling that you've had a great day out and choose to return again and again. With 30+ races in one day, it's well worth a visit and we'd love to see you.

Each group have two heats and a final with 1st 2nd and 3rd place trophies given in the finals.

Gates open on race days at 8.00am to allow cars to be scrutineered and for the drivers to sign on, followed by a drivers briefing and raffle, and give or take a few minuets racing starts at 11am and finishes by 6pm, allowing for an interval after every group has completed their first 2 heats.

There are always plenty of refreshment vehicles available at each meeting offering hot and cold food, and our toilet facilities are better than most other venues.